Country Chic Paint

We are a proud retailer of Country Chic Paint. As a DIY, eco-friendly, water based and VOC free furniture paint, it has no harsh chemical smells, so go ahead and paint in your living room! Pep up that old dresser, spice up that drab lamp shade, and give new life to that sad end table - all with a fresh coat of paint.


See the Country Chic Paint website for more information. They have great video tutorials available that range from beginner's to the more advanced technical painting (such as learning how to create that shabby chic paint look). 


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The Cozy Home's Insider Tips for Using Country Chic Paint:

  1. Prep your surface well. Lightly sand, wash well to avoid discoloration or stain pulling. There's nothing more frustrating than having discoloration after spending all that time painting. 

  2. Mix the jar of paint really well before use. Like natural peanut butter, a lot of the paint's "good stuff" settles at the bottom of the jar.

  3. When ready to paint your first coat, pour some paint into a separate bowl to avoid contamination of any residue left on the furniture. If you'd like, you can add a little water to your bowl of paint. This makes the paint a littler thinner however is not necessary.

  4. Re-coat after 4 or more hours.

  5. Follow up with your favorite CCP top coat or specialty product.

  6. Your piece will be ready for light use in hours. Full cure in 30 days.

Leah is a Certified CCP Instructor so feel free stop in or call with questions. Better yet, ask about her one-on-one classes!



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