Direct buys are another alternative to consignment. Along the lines of an estate sale, they are meant to assist a person who has a large amount of good quality items (ie. household) who does not have the desire to go through the consignment process. The Cozy Home will purchase all items deemed salable, will pick up and pay on the spot. Purchased items become property of The Cozy Home leaving the customer out of what would be the consignment process. There is nothing more to follow up on and the liability of selling items rests in The Cozy Home hands. It's a great option for people with a short moving window, people who have furniture items but no ability to transport . The purchase price for Direct Buys are less than you make versus consignment but the workload is shifted completely to us. If you think this option might be for you, please email or call for more information!

The first step for setting up a direct buy is to send photos of some or all of the items you wish to be bought outright. The owner will respond to your email and/or get in touch with you by phone call to discuss the options and possibilities for a home visit. 


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