With your consignor number and last name, check your online account at MyResaleWeb.Com. Follow the         on the screenshots.

Step 1

Go to MyResaleWeb.Com. This is the page you will see. You will use the 'Consignor Login.'

Step 2

From the 'State' drop down menu, choose 'Wisconsin.'

Step 3

From the 'Store' drop down menu, choose 'The Cozy Home.' Bean Sprout automatically loads in this area after Wisconsin is chosen. You have to change it to choose The Cozy Home.

Step 4

From here, type in your consignor number and last name. You should have your consignor number on your copy of the contract as well as your consignor card.


You will be able to see your name, account balance, and owner message on the home page. Under 'View Items' you will see all the items that are available for sale as well as the date they were brought in, the date they expire and are available for pick up (if you'd like them back), and their price. Under 'Recent Activity," you will see any recently sold items and check payouts. Click 'Log Out' to log out of your account. 


The Cozy Home | 6330 Monona Drive | Monona, WI 53716

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Store Hours: Mon - Sun: 10AM - 5PM 



Staging Phone: (608) 286-1119 | Staging Email:

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